Salvation Kids Statement of Faith

We believe that the creation and care of this ministry is a divine calling from God. We believe:

The Scriptures

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. Men were divinely inspired by God to write down the Holy Scriptures. The Bible has God as its author and is totally true and trustworthy and without error.


There is only one God. He is an intelligent, spiritual and personal Being. God is the Creator of all things, Redeemer, Preserver, and Ruler of the Universe. God is infinite in holiness. God is all powerful and all-knowing. The Godhead eternally exists in three persons – the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Spirit – and that these three are one God with distinct personalities, but without division of nature, essence, or being.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity dwells in every believer. At the moment of regeneration He baptizes every believer into the Body of Christ, and by His baptism unites all to Christ in one body, and that He, as the indwelling one, is the source of all power and all acceptable worship and service.


Man is the special creation of God, made in His own image. Man was originally created in the image and likeness of God. By his free choice man sinned against God and brought sin into the human race. As a consequence of his sin, he lost his spiritual life, becoming dead in trespasses

and sins, and became subject to the power of the devil. We also believe that this spiritual death, or total depravity of human nature, has been transmitted to the entire human race of man, (Christ Jesus alone being the only exception.) Since then every child is born into the world with

a nature which inclined toward sin. Therefore, as soon as they are capable of moral action, theybecome transgressors and are under condemnation. Only the grace of God can bring man into His holy fellowship and enable man to fulfill the creative purpose of God.


Salvation involves the redemption of the whole man, and is offered freely to all who trust in, lean on, and rely on Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, who by His own blood obtained eternal redemption for the believer. There is no salvation apart from personal faith in Jesus Christ as

Lord. Our redemption has been accomplished solely by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was made to be sin and was made a curse for us, dying in our stead; and that no repentance, no feeling, no faith, no good resolutions, no sincere efforts, no submission to the rules and regulations of any church, can add anything to the value of the blood, or to the merit of the finished work done for us by Him.

God’s Purpose of Grace

Election is the gracious purpose of God, according to which He regenerates, justifies, sanctifies, and glorifies sinners. It is consistent with the free agency of man, and comprehends all the means in connection with the end. It is the glorious display of God’s sovereign goodness, and is infinitely wise, holy, and unchangeable. It excludes boasting and promotes humility.

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