How to Teach Kids to Have a Quiet Time

How to Help Kids Start a Quiet Time For Spiritual Growth

One way to help your kids start a quiet time is to lead by example. Your children will notice if you regularly read your Bible. They will walk in on you and see you praying or reading your Bible. This is example is extremely powerful.  You can also encourage children by buying them different devotional books to use with their Bibles.  My boys have enjoyed such books as My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  They must be careful not to allow these books to replace reading the actual Word of God, however.

Families Model Quiet Time

Family Bible reading and prayer times pave the way for personal quiet times. This is where Dad and Mom model for children how to pray, and read to them before they are able to read. Good family devotional habits  naturally develop into personal devotions. As your child matures, you can encourage him or her to set aside a special time each day to read from the Bible (even if it is a “picture Bible”) and talk to God.


It is helpful to educate children on the different types of prayer. They can be taught to praise God, thank God, and then ask God for the things they need. You can also get a journal for your child to record prayer requests and praises in. They can  even draw pictures in their journals.  Any time you can make the devotional experience interactive and creative, it makes it more personal for the children.

Set Aside Time For God

You can also guide children into devotional time by setting aside a short time of solitude for your child every day. You can explain that this time is for the quiet time and give children ideas of how to structure it.  You may want to sit in on the quiet time a few times until he or she gets the idea.

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