The Littlest Evangelist

by Miss Robin on May 22, 2011

Lindsay called one day close to Easter and asked to talk about Owen, the firstborn of her three boys. Owen is four. Lindsay explained that Owen had learned in Sunday School that he should tell his neighbors about Jesus, and well, that was exactly what he wanted to do. He had been pestering her for weeks now, and after praying and talking to her husband, there just really wasn’t any way out. Lindsay wondered if they could come down and talk to me.

When Ryan, Lindsay, and the three boys got to my porch, Owen seemed to have lost his zeal.  It was a lot scarier to talk to strangers about Jesus than he had imagined. He hid behind Mommy’s legs. (I have been on evangelistic visits where I wished I could hide behind somebody’s legs!)  But I sat down by the little brothers in tow in the wagon and Lindsay broke the ice.

Lindsay: “Tell Miss Robin about the picture you drew,”

Owen: “The one of Jesus on the cross?”

Lindsay: “Yes. That one. Why did Jesus die on the cross?”

Owen: “To forgive us for our sins.”

Lindsay: “And how do you get Jesus to forgive your sins?”

Owen: “By asking Jesus to forgive you.”

Lindsay: “Can you ask Miss Robin if she has asked Jesus to forgive her sins?”

Owen: “Have you asked Jesus to forgive your sins?”

Miss Robin: “Thank you for asking that Owen! Yes I have, a long time ago. But I am very proud of you for telling me about Jesus, and coming to see me.”

After Owen got down to business he also told me about the symbolism of each Resurrection Egg in the package, (all 12, and he didn’t miss a one.)  Of course I gave him copies of Answers for New Christians, BiC’s Baptism, and The Grumpy Monk.

Owen blessed my socks off. Watching him conquer his fear and obey his Lord at four years old kind of made me think about my level of obedience. Lindsay reported that after they left my house he proceeded to all the other neighbors  that were home. He knocked on the doors all by himself and told his neighbors that Jesus loves them. I kind of think that is what Jesus was talking about in Matt. 28:19-20.  This is a memory I will treasure forever!


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